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A command input file for the program ribosome.py. Each command must be given on a separate line. Keywords are case insensitive . All white space and tab characters are ignored. All blank lines and lines beginning with a "#" character are ignored.

[TITLE   "string"]
DEFAULT "options"
RES "3-letter code" [phi "val"] [psi "val"] [chi1 "val"] [chi2 "val"]
RES "3-letter code" [phi "val"] [psi "val"] [chi1 "val"] [chi2 "val"]

The TITLE command permits the input of a title for the molecule. The title may contain white spaces, tabs etc. Only the first 70 characters of the title, including spaces and tabs are printed. This is an optional command.

The DEFAULT command is used to specify the default conformation for the residues. Valid options are:
"ang" "val"
where ang is one of phi,psi,omega,chi1,chi2,chi3,chi4,chi5 and
val is the dihedral angle value.

For example: PHI 120

The RESidue command is used to specify the sequence. Each residue should be on a separate line. This command can also be used to specify the conformation of the residue and will override the default command values. Syntax for options is as above in the DEFAULT command and chi values out to chi5 may be used.

Examples of .rib files may be found in the Examples section under the "Build Helix" and "Build Sheet" menu items.