Five State Model

This page contains supplemental information for the following paper:

Fitzkee, N. C. and Rose, G. D. (2005) “Sterics and Solvation Winnow Accessible Conformational Space for Unfolded Proteins.” Journal of Molecular Biology. In press.

The interface below provides a means for searching unfavorable conformations. Enter the five-state sequence (or a portion thereof) for which you would like more information. Alternatively, the raw data is available in tabular form. A brief outline of the data contained on this website is given on the information page.

Search String
If you wish to search for a particular conformation, enter the five-state string that you would like more information on (e.g. HEPBL). If this field is used, strings must be at least 3 characters long. If you wish to match only this string, check the corresponding box.
Conformational String:
Exact Match:
Acceptance Ratio
Set limits on the acceptance ratio for your search. The maximum acceptance ratio is 0.380, and the default is to retrieve all fragments.
Minimum Ratio:
Maximum Ratio:
Fragment Size
Select the fragment sizes you would like to search. To select multiple fragment lengths, shift- or control- click on the desired entries.
Fragment Size:

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