CHASA calculation

This service enables you to compute the Conditional Hydrophobic Accessible Surface Area (CHASA) for a protein of your choice. Use the button below to upload a file containing the structue in PDB format.

The method is currently valid only for single chain polypeptides.

Note: The PDB file parser is not robust. It expects a very clean PDB file with no unusual atom types, alternate conformations, etc. If you have trouble with your PDB file try cleaning it up by downloading the C-shell/awk script extract.csh and typing:

      chmod a+x extract.csh
      extract.csh pdb[xxx].ent
This will create a new file called, pdb[xxx].cln. Upload this clean file for the CHASA calculation.

See the CHASA description page for more information and format of the output.

Upload a file

Pat Fleming