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LINUS is written in Python although some routines are also provided as C code. The C routines will be called if they are compiled but they are not necessary. Therefore you should have installed on your system PYTHON and a C compiler.

If you are running Python on a Intel 386-compatible processor you should also obtain PSYCO, a specializing compiler, which will speed up LINUS significantly.

This distribution should install on most flavors of UNIX including MacOSX.

The LINUS distribution is a compressed tar archive:


which can be unpacked with a command similar to:

gunzip -c linus.tar.gz | tar xvf -

When you unpack this distribution you will get two directories below the linus/ directory:


The LINUS_1_0 directory contains an installation file called setup.py

As root, run the following command in this directory:

/path/to/your/python setup.py install

This will install everything in your /path/to/your/python[version]/site-packages/ directory.

After installing the LINUS distribution as described above add the following lines to your .cshrc (or .tcshrc, etc) file (with approriate editing for python version and path).

setenv LINUS '/usr/local/lib/python[version]/site-packages/pylinus_1_0'
alias python '/usr/local/bin/python[version]'

Or if you use a .bash file:

export LINUS = "/usr/local/lib/python[version]/site-packages/pylinus"
alias python = '/usr/local/bin/python[version]'

The manual (this document) is in the directory manual. Open the file index.html in your favorite browser.