PROSS calculation

This service enables you to compute the PROSS secondary structure assignment for a protein of your choice.

PROSS uses backbone dihedral angles to define secondary structures. Torsion angle space (the Ramachandran map) is divided into a Phi/Psi grid with the grid squares referred to as mesostates. Any protein backbone conformation can be approximated by its linear sequence of mesostate identifiers, and regular expressions of mesostate sequences can be used to define alpha-helices, beta-strands, turns, PII and coil conformations.

You may choose either a course grained 60° x 60° grid (Course Grain) or a fine grained 30° x 30° grid (Fine Grain). Essentially the same results will be obtained for secondary structure determination but the mesostate codes for the fine grained grid will more specifically describe your protein conformation.

Course Grain
Fine Grain

You can choose to enter a four letter pdb code or upload a file containing the structue in PDB format.

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