The Protein Coil Library: The Derived Unordered Fragment Library

Protein Coil Library FTP Access

All files in the coil library are availble by anonymous FTP. The server URL is:

In addition to storing the coil library data files, other information used in generating and maintaining the database is also publicly available. The additional directories are described below.


This directory contains the contents of the coil library itself. For more information on its organization, please see the organization page.


This directory contains the code used in generating the coil library. Because there is very little documentation on the code, it is provided solely for those curious about the implementation of the library. The code requires LINUS libraries as well as a local copy of the PDB. If you would like to construct your own custom version of the Coil Library, please contact us.


This directory contains several files that list information about the Coil Library. allids.txt.gz contains a list of all PDB IDs stored in the database. all_files.txt lists every file currently in the database, while pdb_files.txt and tor_files.txt list the PDB and torsion files, respectively.


This directory contains several versions of the PISCES lists, mostly for internal Rose lab use.

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