The Protein Coil Library: The Derived Unordered Fragment Library

Searching the Protein Coil Library

Currently, there are four ways to search the Protein Coil Library. Each method is slightly different; please read carefully to select the option that best fits your needs.

  • Search by Individual PDB ID

    Given a single PDB ID (with an optional chain identifier), this method will return browsable links to the fragments in that PDB ID, allowing one to view torsion angles and structures interactively. This method is always available at the left hand side of the screen.

    Click here to search by individual PDB ID

  • Search by Fragment Length

    This method will construct a tar file of all fragments in a specified length class. Note that only torsion (tor) files will be included in this result; the corresponding structure (PDB) files can be generated or downloaded using one of the utilities.

    Click here to search by fragment length

  • Search by Batch PDB List

    This method is similar to searching by an individual PDB ID, but multiple PDB's may be specified at once. Several list formats are allowed, including PDBSelect and PISCES formats, and an additional free-text entry method is also provided. The results from this search are prepared by the server, and an email will be sent to you when your search is complete. The results are in a similar format as searching by fragment length.

    Click here to search by batch PDB list

  • Search existing Precompiled Lists

    Every week, the coil library server generates several popular searches when it is updated, using current versions of known culling databases (e.g. PISCES). Users may download these current, precompiled lists directly, without having to create their own search queries.

    Click here to view precompiled lists

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